Boscawen Public Library

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Published on 12/13/2007

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Invest in your future. Read a book!

Welcome to Boscawen Public Library located in the beautiful town of Boscawen, New Hampshire. We are proud to serve our community of 3,700 people with over 16,000 volumes, free WiFi, free public access computers, and a large assortment of VHS tapes and DVDs. We hope to see you soon!


The Boscawen Public Library has always been a reflection of the community it is proud to serve. The library was voted into existence at the town meeting in March 1892. The Town Hall housed the library starting the next year, with a collection of 108 books. Samuel Allen was first librarian. The space soon became crowded and insufficient. John Kimball, Benjamin A. Kimball, and Frank L. Gerrish donated a majority of the funds to build a new library. Guy Lowell, a nationally renowned architect, designed the building in upper Boscawen, dedicated in 1913.